We are aiming at establishing a precision medicine platform relying on genomic big data and promoting research on human genetic diseases which include cancers.

Aegicare (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. headquarters in the Baoneng Science Park, Longhua Dist., Shenzhen, along with R&D centers in the Silicon Valley and Pittsburgh, U. S. Its mission is to bring genomic big data and artificial intelligence to the mainstream of medical practices and improve people’s healthcare. We commit to create a medical platform based on the genomic big data and various of clinical data to provide the clients and physicians a clinical decision-making support system. The name “AEGICARE” derives from the Greek word “Aegis”, the Zeus’ sword. It shows that Aegicare hope to be the guardian of patients having genetic diseases upon its establishment.

The founding team members come from Department of Biomedical Engineering of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Department of Compute Science of Carnegie Mellon University, Department of Biomedical Engineering of Peking University, Department of Compute Science of Tsinghua University, the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, as well as other top institutions. They have over ten years of academic and industry experience in the field of bioinformatics, high-throughput sequencing, clinical genetics and artificial intelligence.

The concept of Personalized Medicine was brought up upon the completion of the Human Genome Project in the early 2000s. It proposes to predict drug response based on genetic biomarkers of individual patients and to customize a treatment plan accordingly. However, in practice, many genetic diseases involve multiple genes, which hinders personalized treatment.

In recent years, large-scale genomic databases have been established, and the application of artificial intelligence and biomedical big data has approach to mature. Additionally with the speedy development of genomics and the methods of testing, the Precision Medicine, initiated in the U.S., is being highly valued all over the world. In 2016, In 2016, China launched Chinese Precision Medicine Plan and estimated to invest a total of 60 billion yuan by 2030. The plan intends to establish cohorts of common diseases and rare diseases with high prevalence, a biomedical big data sharing platform, precise preventions and control programs, and clinical decision-making system for the risk assessment, prediction, early warning, early screening, classification, individualized treatment of major diseases. Aegicare then came into being in this unprecedented timing!

  • Shoucheng Zhang

    Danhua Capital (DHVC) was founded by Professor Shousheng Zhang, the world famous Chinese American physicist, the youngest tenured professor at Stanford University, member of the National Academy of Sciences, the School of Arts and Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Danhua Capital focuses on investing in the most disruptive and influential technology achievements and business innovations in China and the United States and commits to promoting the connection between China and the United States in the fields of technology and investment. Danhua advocates the use of "first principles" to guide investment and exploring the long-term value of enterprises with the spirit of science. Professor Zhang said, "Genes are the basic principle of all things in the world, while the genome belongs to a complex system. Aegicare proposed the concept of genetic intelligence, which uses the most basic mathematical and calculation models to solve problems of genomics data in clinical practice. This idea corresponds greatly to the development of genomics and the commercialization of precision medicine.”

Aegicare (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd

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